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Police HQ construction nears

Police HQ

Wesson's new $300,000 police headquarters will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of next year if not sooner, reports Wesson Public Works Director Brad Turner.

The design of the building and its construction is an in-house town project directed by Turner. Turner drafted the specs for the building, and he and the Wesson public works crew, including Joe Glasper and Jonathan Hutt will do the construction.

Turner presented formal plans for the building rendered by town consultant Joann Miller and a timetable for the construction project at the February Aldermen's meeting.

"We'll do the work when we aren't responding to Wesson's water, sewage and public works needs," Turner said.

Building Materials

Excavation work has been completed on the Spring Street property southwest of the public library where the new police headquarters building will stand and work on the foundation will start with dry weather. Materials are being bid out and bricks, lumber, roof trusses and metal reinforcements are already on site for construction.

"We could finish up sooner, but we expect the building to be ready at least at the beginning of 2022.," Turner says.

The Mississippi State Legislature provided funding for the facility in its 2019 bond bill.

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