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Police officers Leaving WPD

Police Officers Leaving WPD

The Wesson Board of Alderman has accepted resignations of two police officers.

Full-time Officer John Brent is leaving Wesson Police Department (WPD) to serve both the Hazlehurst Police Department and the Copiah County Sheriff's Office, while part-time Officer Andrew Arnett is leaving WPD to focus exclusively on the demands of his full-time work at Mississippi Forestry.

The Aldermen also held public hearings at their January meeting related to discussions around the provisions of a new low-speed vehicle ordinance aimed at regulating the use of golf carts on Wesson roadways and soliciting bids from contractors to collect garbage for the town.

WPD Officers Leaving
Wesson Aldermen are exploring the town's contracting garbage pickup.

Wesson residents currently are serviced by garbage collectors contracted by Copiah County, but the town's Aldermen believe the municipality would be better served by contractors working directly for Wesson.


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