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Polly’s Garden


Brittney Warren, third grade teacher at Wesson Attendance Center, recently requested assistance from the Wesson Garden Club to help in beautifying a space outside her classroom. The request resulted in the creation of a pollinator garden known as Polly’s Garden. Polly has become the mascot of the Wesson Garden Club. Mrs. Warren, also a member of the Wesson Garden Club has been instrumental in getting the students involved in taking care of the garden.

Braylee Davis, a “plant doctor” for a week last month, and Rayne McManus are shown watering and caring for the plants and flowers in Polly’s Garden. The Wesson Garden Club is a member of The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., Natchez Trace District-Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.



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