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Rep Anderson Says Flag Vote In Legislature Puts That Issue To Rest But There Is More Work To Be Done

Representative Jeramey Anderson

Representative Jeramey Anderson released this statement following the vote on House Bill 1 to

approve the results of the 2020 referendum on a new state flag for Mississippi.

Rep. Jeramey Anderson today voted in favor of codifying the 2020 referendum results to remove the confederate themed Mississippi State flag and replace it with a new design. Anderson and many of his House colleagues had long advocated for the removal and replacement of the flag that prominently displayed symbols from the Confederacy and Jim Crow era.
“While proud of this accomplishment by our state, we must understand that this is by no means a cure-all solution for the racial tension and the lack of equality we face around the state, we must also continue to work towards equity in education, police reform, voting and election reform, criminal justice reform,” he said. “Still far too many Mississippians in black and brown communities aren’t afforded the equitable economic opportunities and upward mobility.”
He said he will continue to be an advocate and push the House to address all issues of equality.
“All of these issues are issues that need to be addressed within the state of Mississippi as it relates to minority communities. So the flag, although a significant win — not only for African-Americans or black Mississippians, but for the entire state as well — it’s just the first step.”
“I thank those who led this charge before us, those who with courage and resolve nurtured the Civil Rights Movement that helped bring us to this day. This has been a beautiful moment of unity. I hope we remain united in the fight to bring equality and justice to all Mississippians.”


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