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Shoe Station is hiring up to 150 in Southeast due to increased sales

Shoe Station hiring

Mobile-based chain Shoe Station is hiring up to 150 employees in the five Southeastern states where is has locations due to increased sales in stores and on its e-commerce site.

The chain, which has 21 stores overall in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana, invites applicants to apply online at . Hiring is underway for full- and part-time employees company wide.

Shoe Station President Brent Barkin stated, "Business has picked up in the past few months, and we are hiring in anticipation of a busy Summer season. Our buyers purchased tens of thousands of pairs of the latest styles of sandals, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and children, and now the cartons are arriving. It's an exciting time to explore different opportunities at a growing company that often promotes from within."

Factors driving business include pent-up demand from Covid, changing fashions, and government stimulus checks. Shoe Station welcomes new team members who are passionate about fashion and retail. "We invite applicants from all walks of life to gain hands-on experience in today's evolving retail sector. Shoe Station especially welcomes students and graduates of The University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi College, and Jackson State University." Barkin said. Shoe Station also encourages high school students to apply.

"There are generally three categories of footwear consumers: people who need new shoes; people who avidly follow fashion; and a smaller category of people who need supportive and/or comfort footwear to ease aches and pains. In 2021, Shoe Station has experienced substantial growth in revenue from all three of these footwear consumer categories. We are hiring in response and invite all eager, qualified applicants to join us."

Applicants can apply at any Shoe Station location or at .



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