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Wesson honored as “Healthy Hometown”

Addressing The Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MississippThe Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation Names the 2023 Healthy Hometowns

Wesson is one of two Mississippi towns to be honored as a “Healthy Hometown” by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation (BCBSMF) recognition of exemplary community health and wellness.

The other 2023 Healthy Hometown Award winner announced at the Mississippi Municipal League Annual Conference in Biloxi, was Baldwyn, Mississippi. Both Wesson and Baldwyn will receive $100,000 grants from BCBSMF to assist in continued efforts to ensure the communities are healthy places to live, work and play.

BCBSMF established the Healthy Hometown Awards Program in 2010 to encourage and reward cities that have made the most progress and displayed the highest level of commitment in creating a healthy community culture. The Healthy Hometown Awards Program encourage varied approaches shown to be effective in creating healthy community: demonstrating municipal leadership and involvement, adopting environmental ordinances and policies, providing access to healthier foods, promoting physical fitness activities, reducing tobacco use and ensuring healthy school environments.

Regardless of the municipality’s population or the number of town or cities honored Healthy Hometown Awards are $100,000 for each winner in the annual program.

“The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation celebrates the achievements of Baldwyn and Wesson city leaders and Healthy Hometown committee members for creating and sustaining opportunities for residents to make healthy decisions,” said BCBSMF Director Eugenia King. “Adopting health and wellness

as a key community initiative improves well-being and sets a positive example for building healthy hometowns across Mississippi.”

BCBSMF promotes its vision for a healthy Mississippi through leadership and targeted grant funding for sustainable initiatives and programs to improve the overall health and well-being of Mississippians. Learn more about the Healthy Hometown Awards Program and the Foundation at


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