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The ‘Great Shake Out’ Earthquake Drill Set for Thursday, October 15

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is encouraging Mississippians to take part in the ‘Great Shake Out’ earthquake drill Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 10:15 AM.

During the self-led drill, participants will practice the three essential actions to take during an earthquake, which are to:

  1. DROP to the ground.

  2. Take COVER under a sturdy table or desk if possible, protecting your head and neck.

  3. HOLD ON until the shaking stops.

To take part in the ‘Great Shake Out’, individuals and organizations are asked to register at

Once registered, participants will receive more information on how to plan their drill and additional earthquake preparedness tips.

According to the Great Shake Out website, over 11 million people have registered to participate in the United States, which includes over 200,000 Mississippians.

Additionally, over 150 Mississippi schools have registered to take part in the drill. MEMA has partnered with several of these schools, such as Nailor Elementary, D.M. Smith Elementary, Pearman Elementary and the Coahoma County School District to encourage earthquake preparedness among younger individuals.

Although only a small number of earthquakes have been centered in Mississippi, the state has been affected by numerous shocks located in neighboring states particularly along the ‘New Madrid Seismic Zone’, which is why earthquake preparedness is especially important for Mississippians.

For more earthquake preparedness information visit the MEMA and watch MEMA’s earthquake preparedness video.

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