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Trees honor work & deceased

Trees honor work & deceased
Wesson Garden Club members celebrated the return of spring at a social hosted by Dr. Jane Hulon Sims, President of Co-Lin, at her residence on the Wesson campus. Chris McSweyn, the college Master Chef catered the gathering. Front Row left to right: Vickie Martin, JoAnn Miller, Robin Furr, Pam Owens, Sonya Cowen, Jane Hulon Sims, Joy Wesbrook, Denise Jackson and Dixie Thornton Back Row left to right: Jennifer Peets, Meghan Shepherd, Debbie Hoaglin, Joy Phillips, Romana Smith, Marilyn Britt, Jean Ricks, Debbie Smith, June Owens and Rebecca Harrison.

In special tree dedication and tree planting ceremonies at Wesson municipal park in celebration of National Arbor Day last month, Wesson Garden Club (WGC) honored the service of its members over the past 87 years and the lives of four recently deceased members.

WGC dedicated an established maple tree to honor the memory of its members from 1934 to 2021, designating it as "The Garden Club Tree" to stand as lasting reminder of WGC members "tireless service and dedication to the Town of Wesson."

In the tree planting, WGC memorialized Lessie Belle Cowen, Beverly Anderson King, Margorie Cox, and Dorothy "Dottie" Mercier.

At the April Wesson Aldermen meeting, WGC's Dixie Thornton also announced three beautification projects in the downtown area:

  • Installation of butterfly sculptures in the fountain garden on Highway 51 and the municipal park

  • Hanging baskets from poles on Highway 51

  • Five and seven-foot flower displays at the four-way stop on Highway 51

Alderman Mike King agreed to work with WGC members on design related to the sculpture installations.


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