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WAC expects no enrollment change

MDE responds to misinformation about the SBE’s policy update regarding weapons on school campuses

Wesson Attendance Center (WAC) anticipates enrollment to hold steady in the coming 2022-23 school term.

The new school year begins in Wesson on Monday, August 8.

Eight new teachers will join WAC this year:

  • Forrest Buck, high school social studies and football assistant coach

  • Josh Garrett, high school physical education and assistant coach for baseball and football

  • Tori Titus, fifth grade reading

  • Anna Traxler, Algebra and math

  • Kelly Delaughter, kindergarten

  • Kristin Beach, first grade

  • Amber Brinson, third grade language arts

  • Morgan Tullis, sixth grade reading

WAC athletic team will continue to play in 3A regional competition.

"We expect about 895 students to enroll," says WAC principal Tommy Clopton. The enrollment would include some 420 students in the elementary school, between 155 to 160 students in the junior high grades, and more than 290 in high school.

"All students attending WAC must reside within its district or have been released by their local school board and approved by the Copiah County School Board," Clopton says. "Otherwise, law requires students to attend school in the districts where they live.

"Residency means a student resides full time, days and nights throughout the week and on weekends, at a place of abode within the limits of the school district. Students must reside full time at the address used for registration. Further, students must live with a natural parent or have legal documentation on file with WAC that they are under the guardianship of someone."

To enroll for classes at WAC, four documents for each incoming student, who did not attend the school last year, must be provided:

  • Birth certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Original copy of Mississippi Immunization Form 121

  • The final report card from the previous school

All students planning to attend WAC, even if they were enrolled last year, must show residency proof, including one document from each of three groups with the name of the registrant's parent or legal guardian:

  • Real estate documentation. Mortgage papers or property deed, original apartment rental agreement or home lease (receipts will not be accepted) of a filed homestead exemption form;

  • Utility bill or deposit receipt (lights, water, gas) dated within the last two months (cell phone bills will not be accepted);

  • Other proof. Drivers license, voter registration card or automobile registration.

If documents of legal guardians are used to prove residency, the registrant must provide a copy of the court order appointing the guardian or the filed petition for a pending guardianship decree. Children or youth living with an adult other than parents or legal guardians in the district may be enrolled at WAC in cases of death or serious illnesses of the parents or legal guardians, abandonment, abuse or neglect; unstable or detrimental family relationships or living conditions, or exchange students with host families. In such cases, the district resident housing the students must provide an affidavit stating the relationship to them and documentation fully explaining the circumstances. WAC may also require temporary placement and custody orders from courts.

Call WAC for dates, times, and place for open registration in which parents or guardians can enroll prospective new students or returning students if they do not want to take advantage of online registration. WAC, however, encourages parents or guardians of returning students to register online at, where they will need to sign in as an ActiveParent. If they have forgotten login information, it is available at or at 601-643-2221 Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Once logged in as an ActiveParent, a drop-down menu guides users through student selection and the registration process. Registrants should be prepared to download copies of required documents, the same ones required for new students.

New students include those who have been home schooled or attended other schools.

WAC staff and personnel are accessible by telephone, fax and email:

  • Principal Tommy Clopton.

  • High School Principal Principal Dr. Barbara Roberson.

  • Assistant Principal Vanda Brister.

  • Guidance Counselor Stephanie Allen.

  • Elementary Counselor Ginger Heard,

  • High School Secretary Gwen Shannon.

  • Elementary Secretary Aretha Butler.

  • Nurse Michelle Berch.

  • Bookkeeper/Secretary Kristin Johnson and Jacque McCormick (also Records Clerk).

High School telephone: (601) 643-2221/2222

Elementary telephone: (601) 643-2295

Fax: (601) 643-2458 or (601) 643-5838


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