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Wesson officials hone work skills

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Wesson Assistant Police Chief Tim Stevens has returned to WPD from learning to manage National Crime Information Center (NCIC) data, while Town Clerk Angela Hester packs up for the fall Master Municipal Clerk Academy (MMCA).

Stevens comes back to the Wesson Police Department (WPD) following classes August 15-19 that certify that he understands the laws and regulates surrounding use of NCIC data and how to operate the system without compromising confidentiality.

As the “lifeline of law enforcement” -- a computerized index of crime information, including criminal histories, personal data of fugitives and sensitive information about missing or murdered people, NCIC requires all NCIC operators and all sworn law enforcement personnel to undergo the NCIC training and certification course. Stevens certification classes covered:

  • NCIC Overview

  • NCIC Policy and Procedures

  • NCIC Files

  • Interstate Identification Index (III) Overview

  • How to Operate Dedicated NCIC Terminals

  • Legal Restrictions on Accessing and Sharing Information

At MMCA in Meridian September 28-30, Hester will attend an array of sessions covering technical aspects of her job and the legal and community development knowledge she needs to function effectively in her work.

On the agenda at the meeting are sessions on job skills coaching, state withholding taxes and reporting, privilege license, purchase law, the American Rescue Plan Act, modernization funds and bids; developing communities through art and entertainment, employment law, including police and fire payroll issues; and employment security topics related to the unemployment tax, appeals and employer training.

Hester will also participate in business meetings as a member of MMCA hospitality, promotion and mentoring committees.


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