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WGC Competition Inspires Fall Decor

Wesson Fall Decor

Driven by competition among Wesson Garden Club (WGC) members, the town became a venue for picture postcard autumn scenes last month.

WGC's Scarecrow Challenge unleashed eight teams of club members throughout Wesson to try to outdo each other in decorating the town for the fall holiday season and, in the process, inspired non-competing residents and business owners to participate in creating autumn displays as well.

The donation of 24 scarecrows to WGC prompted the unique fun competition to put them to good use and dress up the town for the fall season.

Competing teams received a location for creating their displays in a special drawing and three scarecrows to incorporate into designs; and they were asked to build their displays around one of four themes related to national, regional, state and local garden club program -- "Plant America Plants Outdoors" (National Garden Clubs, Inc.), "Plant Deep South with a Rainbow of Color" (Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc.), "Garden Clubs Make Things Happen" (Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.) and "Making Thing Happen" (Wesson Garden Club). Although teams were allowed to spend money in creating their displays, they were encouraged to use items and materials from their homes and gardens. Teams and their display locations:

  • Team Camilia: Pam Owens, Joy Westbrooks, JoAnn Miller and Sherry Davis. The grassy corner at Vera Boyles' Salon 51.

  • Team Crepe Myrtle: Angie Wade, Cathy Warren, Sonya Cowen and Jane Hulon Sims. Street corner of Mill Town Spa.

  • Team Daffodil: Robin Furr, Nancy Sullivan, Nikki Smith and Jennifer Peets. 51 Diner tractor.

  • Team Daylily: Lisa Smith, Debbie Smith and Rhonda Ishee. Right of the front driveway at Boswell Regional Center.

  • Team Hydrangea: Meghan Shephard, Denise Jackson, Pam McLemore and Jan Mullin Smith. Steel Outdoors.

  • Team Yellow Mums. Marilyn Britt, Joy Phillips, Angela Hester, Linda Toten and Alana Hughes. Front of Wesson Library.

  • Team Sunflower. Ramona Smith, Jean Ricks, June Owens and Debbie Hoaglin. Front of the fountain in the Fountain Garden.

  • Team Violet: Sherri Carty, Dixie Thornton, Lori Doughtry, Emily McKinley and Brittany Warren. High school or elementary side of Wesson Attendance Center.

Members of Wesson Chamber of Commerce judged displays and awards will be announced at the November WPG meeting.

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