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WGC focuses on invasive plants

WGC focuses on invasive plants

Shaun Broderick, who has been working in the horticulture industry for more than twenty-two years, highlighted the September meeting of the Wesson Garden Club (WGC) as guest speaker.

Broderick shared how to control and recognize invasive plants in our landscapes with the WGC members, who enjoyed taking a fun test on invasive plants, asked questions and brought plant samples from their yards for Mr. Broderick to identify.

Broderick studied plant genetics, molecular biology, and biotechnology at Brigham Young University and Ohio State University, and now oversees the trial garden at the Mississippi State University Truck Crops Experiment Station in Crystal Springs, where he is working on plant genetics and breeding projects.

Attending the WGC meeting at the American Legion building were Marilyn Britt, Sherri Carty, Sonya Cowen, Sherry Davis, Rebecca Harrison, Cherry Head, Debbie Hoaglin, Denise Jackson, Camille Johnston, Pam McLemore, Ashley Munn, June Owens, Pam Owens, Jennifer Peets, Joy Phillips, Jean Ricks, Meghan Shepherd, Debbie Smith, Lisa Smith, Dixie Thornton, Brittney Warren, and Joy Wesbrooks.

Refreshments provided by Hostesses, Marilyn Britt, Sonya Cowen, Rebecca Harrison and Joy Phillips were served at a table decorated for the fall season.

The Wesson Garden Club is a member of The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc., National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Garden Clubs, Inc., Natchez Trace District-Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc.

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