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Your 2023 one word focus

By Guest Columnist Stephanie Duguid

Every New Year, 87 percent of adults create new goals and resolutions only to experience the same frustrating results: false starts and failure, according to Jon Gordon, a renown speaker and author.

We’re all part of the trend! In fact, 50 percent of resolution-makers will fail by the end of January! Millions of people try to improve their lives starting in January to attempt new diets, new self-help methods or to follow the next fad to improve. Only half stick to initial goals for 30 days, and most resolutions are

forgotten by summer.”

But what if you could accomplish it all a different way?

This year, I encourage you to try something different! What if we could focus every day on a purpose? What if we could remember why we do what we do? “We don’t get burned out because of what we do,” says Gordon. “We get burned out because we forget why we do it.” The why is always more important than the what according to Gordon!

In One Word That Will Change Your Life, Jon Gordon, delivers a powerful new approach to simplifying and transforming your life. He offers a different way to begin your new year!

This year, focus on one word. One word to be your driving force this year. No goals. No wish lists. Just one word!

Anyone anytime can discover their word for the year.

By focusing on one word, you can create clarity, power, passion, and life change. “One word can impact all six dimensions of your life -- mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial,” Gordon says.

You can find one word that is meant for you! When you find it, live it and share it, your life will become more rewarding nd exciting than ever.

How do you determine your one word? Here’s how to get started:

Prepare your heart and look into it. Unplug from any noise and the ask yourself three questions. What do I

need? What is in my way? What needs to go?

Discover your word and look up. In your silence, embrace the thoughts that allow your word to come. Some may

pray, meditate, or just keep silent. You will be amazed that your word will come to you!

Live your word and look out. Write down your word so that you can see it every day. Share your word so that others know your focus!

Spread the word. Share your excitement with others and tell them about your journey and your transformation for the year!

As a guide, let me share my word with you: Intentional. I choose to be intentional in all that I do. Intentional in my work, intentional in my time with my family, and intentional in my actions.

Whatever your word is, find it, live it, and share it! I also add: see it! Write it down so that you

can refer to it every day!

Here is to an amazing new year and new focus! Now go discover your One Word!

For those of you who are my friends on Facebook, your one word with me! You can find me @stephanie.rectorduguid. I look forward to hearing about your One Word that will change your life life!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Stephanie Duguid is Dean of Academic Instruction at Co-Lin. She is also an athletic trainer and nutrition specialist and has been teaching courses related to those two areas as well as practicing what she preaches for more than twenty years.

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