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$20,000 + raised for child's foster mother

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Wesson area residents and businesses are demonstrating their compassion and generosity in the wake of a two-vehicle accident that claimed the life of ten-year-old Lilly Ann Durr and seriously injured her younger sister Mallory and foster father Calvin Fisk.

Local donors have contributed more than $20,000 online through a gofundme initiative organized by Heidi Green of Hazlehurst on behalf of Rebecca Fisk, the child's foster mother, who faces major expenses, with her husband and other foster daughter recovering from their injuries at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and Batson's Children Hospital in Jackson. Her husband may not be able to return to work during an extended recovery period, Green said.

Wesson Police Chief Chad O'Quinn said speed was a factor in what he called a "horrific" accident, which, he reported occurred at the intersection of Sylvarena Road and Highway 51 when a vehicle driven by Matthew Miller of Wesson rear-ended the vehicle driven by Calvin Fisk in which his foster daughters were passengers.

Police said Miller sped off following the accident, crashed into a nearby house, abandoned his vehicle, stole the parked car of a good samaritan, who was assisting at the accident scene, and continued to flee. Officers from the Wesson Police Department and Copiah County Sheriff's Office finally took Miller into custody after he was in another accident on Bahala Road, and charged him with vehicular manslaughter and felonious hit and run, car theft and the aggravated assault of a police officer. Miller was treated for injuries at a Jackson hospital and his case is scheduled to be presented to the Copiah County Grand Jury, O'Quinn said.

The Fisks, who are the aunt and uncle of the deceased child and her sister, have been in the process of adopting t

hem, Kimberly Douglas, another aunt, said. She described the accident victim, a fourth grader, as an "energetic, loving empathetic little girl" who "had so much life and the biggest smile that could light up a room." In a letter she wrote to her foster parents just days before the crash, she expressed her love for them and signed it "Lilly Fisk," Douglas said.

Services were held for Lilly Durr on Saturday, October 31, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Hazlehurst and at graveside at Clear Branch Baptist Church.

Donors can make contributions to support Rebecca Fisk online at gofundme (


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