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Ag Commissioner Gipson Encourages Mississippians to Visit Agritourism Farms during Agritourism Month

Agritourism Farm

Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce Andy Gipson encourages

Mississippians to celebrate Agritourism Month with a visit to one of the state’s agritourism farms.

Agritourism farms are working farms, ranches or other agricultural enterprises that offer an educational and fun experience for visitors while generating supplemental income for the owner. More than 70 agritourism operations have registered with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and information about them can be found at online.

“The average consumer is three generations removed from the farm and may not know where their food actually comes from,” said Commissioner Gipson. “I encourage Mississippians to experience the importance of agriculture and enjoy the diverse agritourism operations offered throughout the state. It’s a great way to learn more about the history, customs and culture of our largest industry, and a fun experience to share with the family.”

Agritourism generates approximately $150 million annually in the state and is one of the fastest growing tourism markets. Many agritourism farms in Mississippi are open to visitors throughout the year, but the peak season occurs during the fall. Activities that visitors can expect to find on agritourism farms include pumpkin patches, corn mazes, petting zoos, horseback riding, wagon rides, U-picks and festivals celebrating sweet potatoes, pecans and peanuts.


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