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Awards, flu, app, scam, closure & MOU

Wesson wagon train wins top parade awards. Among wagon trains in the Dixie National Rodeo Parade in Jackson, which famously march at the end of the procession, Wesson Ride won the first place award. Wesson Ride also received the Parade Commissioner's Award presented to the best overall participating parade group. Judges chosen by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce determine the best participating groups for marching, motorized, floats and riding as well as wagon trains. “The Dixie National Rodeo Parade is a fun-filled family event that the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce looks forward to bringing to the public each year,” said Commissioner Gipson. “This would not be possible without the participation of groups from all over the state. I want to thank all those that made it a success and congratulate all of our winners.”

Flu activity climbs. The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH), although monitoring for possible COVID-19 cases in the state, remains relatively unconcerned about an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the new strain of the coronavirus. On the other hand, it is seeing high flu activity in the state with widespread transmission, and recommends flu vaccination for anyone ages 6 months and older. Pediatric flu shots are available at all MSDH county clinics. Flu and COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, muscle and body aches, and fatigue. While vaccination is the best flu protection , basic infection control measures are largely the same for both the flu and coronavirus: covering your mouth when coughing and sneezing, staying at home when you or your children are sick and washing your hands frequently. Visit the MSDH website at for information.

App keeps you safe. MS Ready, a Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH)’s emergency preparedness mobile app, provides public health and safety information throughout Mississippi during emergencies and a full library of disaster preparedness tips based on Hurricane Katrina experiences fifteen years ago. It features breaking news and alerts on emergencies, agency closures, severe weather warnings, precautions to take in a disaster, disease outbreak, or other emergency; step-by-step preparations for floods, severe weather, natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes), nuclear incidents and chemical and biological threats; MSDH phone numbers, including an emergency hotline, a checklist of items to have on hand in emergencies and an informational section on disease outbreaks. To find the app, search your app store for MS Ready or visit

Business scam. The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office (MSOS) and the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office is warning the business community of deceptive letters requesting a $90.50 fee to order certain business documents from the Secretary of State’s Office. Misleading solicitations may require a fee, cite specific Mississippi statutes, contain a due date for a response, appear similar to a government form, contain a "Customer ID Number" that does not match the state or federal numbers that have been given to a company or the actual ID number and company's date of formation and a warning to make sure that the form's instructions on completing it are followed exactly. Businesses can order a certificate of good standing in the state of Mississippi online at for $25. Call the Secretary of State’s Business Services Division at 601-359-1633 or 800-256-3494 for information, or go to the Business Services tab -- -- on the MSOS web site.

Parchman unit closed. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves says prisoners are being transferred out of Parchman Unit 29, fulfilling his State of the State promise to close the troubled unit. Some 375 inmates were moved out during an earlier surge of violence, and the remaining prisoners are being transferred and temporarily housed at the nearby Tallahatchie County Correctional Facility. They are being transferred through reclassification and exchanges for lower-security inmates.

MSU/Co-Lin agreement. Mississippi State University (MSU) and Co-Lin have signed a memorandum of understanding to formalize partnership programs for students enrolled in technical education programs. The agreement details classroom and/or online courses that must be completed at each institution to fulfill degree requirements MSU’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) program, which was launched last summer. For more information on the Bachelor of Applied Science program, visit

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