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Copiah Airport gets MDOT grant

Copiah Airport

The Copiah County Board of Supervisors is receiving $135,800 for airport improvements from $3 million in funding for multimodal transportation projects awarded by the Mississippi Transportation Commission (MTC) throughout the Central District.

The commission approved the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to award grants to regional and municipal airports, ports, railroads and public transit systems throughout the Central Mississippi District.

In all, MTC disbursed 18 grants. The largest grants went to the City of Jackson ($480,000) Ports of Rosedale ($450,000) and Greenville ($400,000), the City of Greenville ($368,663), Hinds Community College ($342,285), Meridian Airport Authority ($250,000) and Jackson Municipal Airport Authority ($158,466).

“In keeping with the heart of MDOT’s mission, I am committed to continuing the support of our strategic multimodal investments in the diverse resources that are essential for the safe, effective and efficient intermodal transportation network in our rural and urban communities,” said Commissioner Willie Simmons, Central Transportation District.

Funding for these multimodal grants comes from the Multimodal Transportation Improvement Fund. Money from this fund is allocated specifically to support multimodal grants each year. Grant applications, which include project details and funds requested, are reviewed and approved by a multimodal committee specific to each separate mode of transportation.

For more information on MDOT's multimodal resources and other grants, visit


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