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How Secure Are Free VPNs?

When choosing a VPN, users simply want a service that is going to do the job. While paid VPN services may certainly offer the most comprehensive features, free VPNs can also offer a certain level of protection. The real question is, how secure are free VPN options? Below are a few areas of comparison between free and paid VPN options, as well as how they both measure up.

Free VPN Speed Comparison

On the internet, speed is everything. Back in the days when every was still using dial-up services, it could take upwards of five minutes before a secure connection to the web was made. From there, it would also take several minutes to load up a website and navigate between pages. Since then, internet connection speeds have become lightning fast, with users coming to expect fewer periods of downtime and interruption. With many free VPN services, data is limited. Your connection speed will be slower, and you may also experience usage caps that may leave you unable to use the VPN altogether. Paid services often work out to be the best VPN services because they are faster, don't have data usage caps, and are generally more dependable.

Tracking Concerns and Free VPN

Most people use VPNs, also known as virtual private networks because they do not want their internet activities to be tracked or monitored in any way. Whether a matter of privacy or personal security, many savvy internet users have come to understand that everyone from advertisers to ISPs routinely monitor what websites they frequent along with other pertinent private details. A lot of free VPNs services don't live up to their own promises, sometimes bundling trackers and malware into their software. Check out this top VPN review from Anonymania to learn which free services offer the best security. If you want to connect to the internet and browse the web securely, make sure that your VPN service provider promises not to track your online movements.

VPNs and Geoblocks

Access to a lot of websites is limited to where you are located in the world. For example, internet users in China have huge restrictions on what websites they can access, based on geoblocks set up within their country. Likewise, other countries restrict web traffic coming in from other nations. With a free VPN, you might face issues with geoblocks and related restrictions. With a paid service, you will more easily be able to get around geoblocks and find tools that make it easier for you to access the websites you want to visit. Look at a comprehensive VPN review to see what features are the most popular and learn more about what you actually need in a service.

VPNs are used by people who want to securely bank online, connect to private servers, and otherwise secure their internet connections. Some VPN services are quite pricey, while other free options can offer a fairly good layer of protection. Know what you want to get out of a VPN service before deciding on going for a paid or free option. Research the individual VPN company you are doing business will to ensure that you are getting the best value available to consumers.

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