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Legion presents books to library

Legion presents books to library
Wesson American Legion Commander Bobby Thornton (left center front) presents books to Friends of Library members.

Important parts of American history are being brought to Wesson Public Library readers thanks to the American Legion’s recent donations of two books for the library’s permanent collection and special cartoon booklets available to pick up.

Commander Bobby Thornton from the Wesson American Legion Post led a group of local Legionnaires in a presentation to Friends of the Library (FOL) of Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for more than 60 Years of Growth, Star-Spangled and ten copies for Our Country’s Flag for distribution.

Fellow Wesson Legionnaires Butch White, Deputy Commander, and A.C. Currie; and Dr. Tim Lee from the Monticello Legion and Co-Lin-based veterans advisor, accompanied Thornton to the FOL meeting, where he talked about how the Legion serves its veteran members and families and the wider community.

“Supporting local communities where we have posts is a vital aspect of our work,” Thornton said.

The two books and the cartoon booklet will appeal to different age groups, he explained. While Our Country’s Flag is designed for young readers in the second to fourth grades, Korea Reborn is an adult book and high school readers will like Star- Spangled.

The photos and narrative in Korea Reborn presents a retrospective of the Korean war and its aftermath from the perspective of both U.S. veterans who served in the conflict, and the Koreans who prospered from the freedom left in their wake. Beginning with the events that led up to the war, through the ensuing battlefields across the Korean Peninsula, and ultimately the transformation from a war-torn country into a vibrant, prosperous nation, this book encapsulates why the fight for freedom is worth it. To this day, the people of the Republic of Korea honor those brave veterans who served and sacrificed on their behalf. A reborn Korea is one that has risen from the rubble of war to be an economic world leader and a prized example of how freedom works.

In Star-Spangled, Tim Grove goes beyond the Francis Scott Key’s poetic story in the national anthem about the American flag rising high above a fort after a night of intense battle during the War of 1812 Far more than what is sung at ball games, it discusses what the battle was about, whose bombs were bursting, and why rockets were glaring. He talks about who sewed those broad stripes and bright stars, why free black soldiers were fighting on both sides, Francis Scott Key and how did he end up with such a close view. Star-Spangled tells the whole story from the perspectives of different real players -- both American and British -- of this obscure but important battle from American history. The book includes an author’s note, a timeline, a glossary, endnotes, a bibliography and an index.

In Our Country’s Flag, cartoons bring to life text which tells a story about four friends inspired in different ways by the special symbol of American freedom and, in the process teaches about the history and evolution of the flag and its meaning, encompassing sacrifices by veterans, national unity and freedom; the Pledge of Allegiance, national anthem and showing it respect.


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