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Top 5 Most-Expensive Retro Games in the USA

Retro games are generally very affordable or even free when you download them from sites like Gamulator. This affects around 99% of the titles. But, 1% is special. This refers to rare games that are almost impossible to find, come in limited quantities or simply they were designed to be special. As you may know already, they are expensive, and below you can see 5 games that come at an extremely high price in the United States.

1. Stadium Events $41.000

Stadium Events is a rare and specific game. It was developed and released by Bandai in 1987 and the idea was to use a mat to control your character on the screen. This was developed for a Family Fun Fitness mat. But, in 1988 Nintendo bought the rights for the mat and the games and created their own franchise called WorldClass Track Meet. All the games and mats of the original brand were destroyed. Well, most of them were. The ones that still exist can be found today for a price of over $41.000. Of course, this includes a box that costs $10.000 separately. These games are almost impossible to find and it is believed that there are 2 of them available on the planet.

2. Air Raid $33.000

Air Raid is a game developed by Atari for their 2600 console back in 1982. It was developed by Men a Vision brand and according to them, only one game was developed properly. It was sold in 2010 for over $33.000 and became one of the most expensive titles on this list. The game is a classic shooting game where a player will shoot the opponents in the sky. Keep in mind that there is another game that is partially developed and it was sold for over $3000 in 2010. After that, we saw another game being sold for the highest amount mentioned here.

3. Nintendo Campus Challenge $20.000

Nintendo Campus Challenge was a series of games that were given to college students back in the 80 and 90s to play for 6 minutes and try to set the highest possible score. This was known as World Championships and after its competition, all the games were destroyed. Well, some aren’t and they can be found for a price of $20.000. They are very rare and only 1 is known to be available for now. Perhaps new ones will become available any time soon.

4. 1990 Nintendo World Champions $20.000

1990 Nintendo World Champions was a game used on the tour across the United States in the 90s. It involved 29 cities across the country and the idea was to allow for the players to complete and set the best possible scores. There are 2 main types of these games. They can be either gray or gold and the latter is the one you need. It can be sold for $20.000 while the gray version is available for around $8.000. Nintendo had 3 competitions of this kind in their history and each one provided impressive games that collectors love and must have.

5. The Red Sea Crossing $10.500

Red Sea Crossing is based on biblical situation and a player will control Moses in his efforts to pass the red sea while escaping from the enemies. In the game, a player will have to avoid various objects that Egyptians throw at him while crossing the red sea. The game was developed for Atari by Steve Stack and became one of the most expensive video games of all time, especially in the United States. An interesting fact is that the one copy we know about was purchased on a garage sale for less than $1. After 5 years it was sold for over $10.000 making this one of the rarest and the most expensive games on the list.


As we have mentioned at the beginning, these games are rare, special, and therefore expensive. In the best case scenario, you may see one in your lifetime or if you are really lucky you can find one forgotten somewhere. These games are expensive right now and they will increase their price even more until they become important pieces of history.



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