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Funds allocated for traffic safety

Traffic Safety

Co-Lin will use $873,594 awarded by the Mississippi Department of Transportation from Federal Transportation Alternative (TA) Program funds to help ensure the safety of college students, pedestrians, and the citizens of Wesson by constructing new sidewalks and add speed tables on the Wesson Campus.

Co-Lin will be responsible for a 20 percent local fund match.

The primary area for use of the funds are high traffic areas for vehicles and student walkers, including the area between Fortenberry Career-Technical Building and Stone Stadium. The direct route from the residence halls to Stone Stadium, Fortenberry building, and the Wesson Building, walked daily by hundreds of students, currently has no direct walking route that includes sidewalks.

The college is planning to remove and reposition the fence on the visitor’s side of Stone Stadium and add sidewalks with lighting along the roadway. Speed tables will be added along that same road.

Not only will these funds assist the college in promoting student and visitor safety, but it will also enhance campus health initiatives by providing well-lit pathways for walking around campus.

“Co-Lin is thrilled to be the recipient of these funds which will be utilized to significantly enhance the many safety and wellness efforts already underway on the Wesson Campus,” said Dr. Jane Hulon Sims, the college's president.

TA funds are federal transportation dollars that are for non-roadway types of improvements such as sidewalks, multiuse paths, pedestrian lighting and traffic calming. The funds flow through the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) Local Public Agency (LPA). LPA programs leverage local investments with federal funds for infrastructure improvements to enhance the quality of life for residents throughout Mississippi.

“This year, I am honored to provide these much-needed grants to our colleges, universities and small towns,” said Commissioner Willie Simmons, Central Transportation District. “During these challenging times, safety is a concern that we must address, and these funds will assist them in this effort.”


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